Steven and Shannon

Shannon and Steven Simpson

Shannon started ballroom and Latin dancing in New York in 2001. Over the past decade and a half she has lived in different regions and has had the opportunity to study partner dancing with at least twenty different instructors. While she has focused on club style Latin dancing for the past four years, her instruction has included ballroom, swing, and tango. If you see her dancing a bachata that incorporates some tango themes, look to see it reflected in her dancing.

Shannon excels as a (dance) follower in interpreting not only the moves her partner leads, but also in reflecting and complimenting the leads style and musicality.

Shannon has become a respected dance instructor, emphasizing fundamentals in technique, balance, and lead-and-follow skills. Over the past 2 years, “DJ Shannie” has also proven to be a great Latin music DJ with a dancer’s ear for danceable tunes. Shannon has performed on stage, but her passion is for social dancing. As a true educator at heart, she is bright, cheerful, and charismatic, and has a special talent for encouraging and inspiring others.

Steven began partner dancing in New York in 2001. It was how he and Shannon met. At their wedding in 2003 they couldn’t narrow their first dance down to just one song, so they did a tango, a hustle, and a salsa. Over the years Steven has joined Shannon in studying with over a dozen instructors in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. He is proud of how Shannon has continued to grow as a dancer and an instructor and is thrilled to help her out both behind the scenes as well as on the dance floor at SBS dance events and classes.

Joey Marte

Joey started Latin dancing when he arrived in New York when he was about 21. He remembers that first night of going to help a cousin out with some DJ equipment and after seeing the people dancing, enjoyed the partner work, the movement and flow of the dance. At the time, he was more focused on Bachata and merengue as salsa was "rest time" while out dancing. He took salsa classes about 5 years ago and now wonders why he didn’t think of learning salsa sooner.

Joey was given the chance to help instruct beginner’s salsa and has fallen in love with teaching and helping others. He likes to share his passion of dance with everyone and is happy to be part of the SBS team. If you see him out on the dance floor, feel free to ask for a dance or two.